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Serving the readers of the works of Jack Whyte with advance publication of book segments, a gathering point for fans to discuss the works and direct access to Jack himself at:

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Writing Warm Up
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Titles of books.
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Veni, vidi, vixi
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Guardian Trilogy
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Saxon/Viking weapons
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It's that Christmasy time of year again.
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Need closure
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More On Book Titles...
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Books I Love
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The Templar Saga

Knights of the Black & White

“Sir Hugh!”

Beginnings: 1088 A.D.: As the guards on either side of the doors ahead came to attention and saluted him, not even the rattling clatter of their armor penetrated the awareness of the frowning, mop-headed young man who walked towards them. He was deep in thought, head down and moving slowly, a heavy, sheathed broadsword slung across the back of his neck like a yoke, and his arms extended so that his hands hung loosely over both ends of the long weapon, at hilt and point.


Standard of Honor

The second novel in the historical Templars trilogy about the rise and fall of the powerful and mysterious Templars, from the author of the immensely popular Camulod Chronicles, Standard of Honor deals with the Order of the Temple at the height of its power and popularity when, as the ipso facto standing army of the Catholic Church, it formed the bastion underpinning the Third


Order in Chaos

The third and final novel in Whyte's epic portrayal of the rise and fall of the Knights Templar is set in the final days of the Order's existence in France and examines the aftermath of the cataclysmic events of Friday, October 13th, 1307, when the organization was wiped out in a single day. The story follows the few survivors of the catastrophe who managed to escape from France, and their struggles in trying to find a new home where they could be safe from the pursuit of an implacable King and the Holy Inquisition.