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loved it

Since early boyhood i have been fascinated by the sword in the stone and other forms of the story of King Arthur, going so far in my 11th year of life to sit and work my way though a very old and tattered copy written in old English. I first came across jack whyte's novel the Saxon shore by chance on an old book shelf in my uncle's house it looked the most promising out of the slim pickings and of course like any good book it had to be book four of a series .Well i sat and read it from cover to cover in under a day and a half and was hooked i had to read more so i went out in search of the rest .today i finished reading the Saxon shore for the third time in as many years it's like an old friend now and i hear the next line in my head before my eyes even touch the page.....

Surrey Writers

The International Surrey Writers Conference is coming up October 24-26, 2014 in Surrey, BC, Canada. Last year, members of the Forum here lead by user andersm presented to Jack the items pictured including a leather bound collection of stories from readers about Jack and his work.


On the eve of the vote for Scottish independence, Gobal Okanagan TV caught up with Jack on his home golf course.

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