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A Further Camulod Book?


Just in the middle of reading Uther having read all the other Camulod books. Having read The Eagle I can’t help feeling there needs to be one more book in the series.

We don’t really know what happened to Arthur or Mordred so no real closure. I don’t know whether Merlin should take up the narrative again or it should be general as with Uther.

It will be a sad book to read, thinking about the original foundation of Camulod with Publius Varrus and Caius Britannicus but it needs to be written.

Surrey Writers

The International Surrey Writers Conference is coming up October 24-26, 2014 in Surrey, BC, Canada. Last year, members of the Forum here lead by user andersm presented to Jack the items pictured including a leather bound collection of stories from readers about Jack and his work.


On the eve of the vote for Scottish independence, Gobal Okanagan TV caught up with Jack on his home golf course.

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