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Clandestine Cliches - can you locate all 56 of the

There are 56 cliches depicted in this picture. Can you locate them all?

hint: It might be a little easier if you copy the picture to your files, and either print it out full page, or use your Windows Picture and Fax viewer's Zoom In function to see it larger.

And yes, I have located them all.


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Re:Clandestine Cliches - can you locate all 56 of the

Slightly closer view:


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Re:Clandestine Cliches - can you locate all 56 of the

I can post links to a couple of pages I made giving the answers if anyone is interested.

I actually found 69 cliches in the picture.

Cathy's picture
Re:Clandestine Cliches - can you locate all 56 of the

Correction: I actually found [u:]59[/u:] cliches in the picture.

This picture is actually a 550 piece puzzle that is no longer availabe in stores. The puzzle was initially a contest, so no answers were included in the boxes of the first batches made. I've had a black and white photocopy of the picture in my possession for years. Out of curiousity I looked online for it and was successful.

Here's a link to the official list included in later editions of the puzzle:

It might take a while to download.

But this list doesn't include 3 that I found.

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