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Reader's Timeline

In it's original posting in the mid '90s, readers added their own observations on the dates of events in Jack's series on Camulod. When they didn't know the specific date, they used the first of the month and the first month of the year. Someday, we'll re-enable that capability an expand it to the series that he's created since then.

Indicates Jack's Fiction
Date Event
-10000/1/1 First recorded history - Sumeria
-323/1/1 Alexander dies and the Celts push into Macedonia
-100/1/1 Caius Juluis Caesar born
-55/1/1 Julius Caesar lands in Britain with 2 legions and half of Roman Cavalry, not enough troops to subjugate Britain
-44/1/1 Julius Caesar is stabbed to death behind a theatre.
-30/1/1 Conor Mac Nessa is King of Ulster
-4/1/1 Estimated birth of Christ
9/1/1 Arminius (Hermann the Cheruscan) obliterates three legions under Quintilius Varus in Germany's Teutoberger Forest
30/4/7 Jesus of Nazareth executed by Pontius Pilate
38/1/1 Caligula parades Celtic captives through Rome.
43/1/1 Emporer Claudius dispatches troops to conquer Britain
49/1/1 Colonia of Camulodonum (Colchester) founded. And Roman expansion starts into Wales
60/0/0 Boudican Revolt. Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, burns Colchester (Camulodunum), Londinium, and Verulamium. Boudica was defeated in battle by Suetonius on Watling Street, with massive (18,000)
64/1/1 Emperor Nero begins persecution of Christions and Jews
66/1/1 One legion (XIV Gemina) withdrawn from Britain.
82/1/1 The military governor of Britain, Julius Agricola, presses North to face the last free British Celtic Army.
98/1/1 Roman Empire attains largest geographical extent under Emperor Trajan
122/1/1 Legio IX Hispana replaced by VI Victrix.
123/1/1 Construction of Hadrian's Wall begins
165/1/1 Plague brought by returning armies spreads across Roman Empire and continues for decades
313/1/1 Edict of Milan grants toleration to the Christian Church.
331/1/1 Seat of Roman Empire moved to Constantinople (formally Byzantium)
360/1/1 Huns invade Europe
361/1/1 Varrus 18 years old; rescued by Caius on the eastern border of the empire
364/1/1 Valentinian and Valens become joint emperors
365/1/1 Publius Varrus saves Caius Brittanicus from the Berbers in Africa
367/10/1 Publius Varrus wounded in the groin during Invasion
369/1/1 Count Theodosius, sent by Valentinian I, clears Britain of invaders and restores the Wall.
375/1/1 Death of Valentinian; Gratian becomes co-emperor with Valens
378/1/1 The Roman legions suffer their first major defeat at the Battle of Adrianople
378/1/1 Caius wife,Heraclita, and his three yougest children are lost to pestilence in Africa
378/6/1 Caius visits Publius in Colchester, mentioning the Bagaudae of Gaul and his own plans for a similar community outside Aquae Sulis
378/7/1 Caius Brittanicus is made Proconsulship of Numidia
379/1/1 Theodosius becomes co-emperor with Gratian
382/7/1 Varrus mutilates Claudius Seneca and leaves Colchester soon after
383/10/1 Varrus brings home the skystones from the Mendip Hills
384/7/1 Caius and Publius begin training the Colonists formally in the art of soldiering
386/1/1 Magnus Maximus invades Italy and is executed by Theodosius
386/12/1 Colony strongly established, with 600 soldiers
387/9/1 Ullic Pendragon and Caius Brittanicus cement an alliance at Stonehenge
388/1/1 Maximus defeated at Aquileia by Theodosius.
389/3/17 St. Patrick born in Ireland
390/3/1 Varrus sculpts Coventina, "The Lady of the Lake"
391/12/1 The Colony has a private army of 1000 men
392/1/1 Death of Valentinian II/christianity becomes offical law of rome
394/7/1 Saxon and Frankish raiders hit estuary to the north of Camulod
395/1/1 Death of Emperor Theodosius, who divides the Roman Empire between Arcadius (and Rufius) in the East, and Honorius (and Stilicho) in the West
396/1/1 Claudius Seneca takes Varrus to Londinium; Stilicho exonerates Varrus and sends Seneca to Hadrian's Wall for frontier duty
397/1/1 Roman commander, Stilicho, comes to Britain and repels an attack by Picts, Irish and Saxons
399/1/1 First meeting of the Round Council in Camulod, after Vegetius Sulla's villa is pillaged by Franks
400/1/1 Doctrine of Grace contested by Pelagius
401/1/1 Merlyn Britannicus born
401/1/1 Innocent I becomes bishop of Rome, and, like Damasus I (366-384), is a staunch defender of Rome's primacy
401/1/1 Caius Britannicus, founder of Camulod, dies of stab wounds.
401/1/1 Uther Pendragon born(within 1 hour of Merlyn)
406/1/1 Constantine III, a usurper, strips Britain of troops for his conquest of Gaul and Spain.
407/1/1 The Romans evacuate Britain to defend the motherland
408/1/1 Stilicho is framed for trying to usurp the imperial throne and executed by Honorius
409/9/1 Uther and Merlyn attacked 20 miles from Camulod ( Eagles Brood Ch.2)
410/1/1 Varrus 67 years old; he begins writing the accounts described in "The Skystone" and "The Singing Sword"
410/1/1 Visigoths sack Rome after 700 years of war
412/1/1 Augustine writes "On the Spirit and the Letter", condemning Pelagius' views
418/1/1 Pelagian heresy outlawed in Rome
419/1/1 Death of Publius Varrus
424/1/1 King Athol's Scots begin gradually migrating to Caledonia
426/1/1 Uther and Merlyn find Cassandra while on a raid
426/1/1 A few months after Cassandra is secluded in Avalon, Prince Donuil of Eire is taken as an honorable hostage by Merlyn
426/1/1 Donuil helps Merlyn rescue Luceiia from the warlocks Caspar and Memnon; Picus' funeral pyre
427/1/1 Loegaire crowned first king of Tara in Ireland.
428/1/1 Pelagius dies in the Holy Lands
429/1/1 Pelagius is declared a heretic at the First Verulamium Council
429/8/1 Death of Cassandra; Merlyn, returning from the Verulamium Council, gets amnesia for 2 years
430/8/1 Augustine dies in Hippo
431/4/1 Arthur Pendragon born at Tintagel
431/8/1 Merlyn bans the Farmers and Artisans from the Round Council
431/12/1 Camulod experiences its most harsh winter ever; death of Luceiia
432/3/1 Merlyn cements an alliance with Dergyll ap Griffyd and sends Dedalus and 4 squadrons to patrol lower Cambria

Azrylar Izarius of the Durmanhoth invades the Kingdom of Erebor under the reign of Azhagzhur the Cruel.

438/7/1 Merlyn and Ambrose visit the Saxon Shore and meet Vortigern and Hengist
439/3/1 Merlyn realizes he has contracted leprosy.
439/9/1 Merlyn and the Secret Colony of 18 people arrive in Ravenglass
440/1/1 Leo I becomes bishop of Rome, claiming unprecedented authority as the Supreme Head of all Christendom; he becomes the first "real" pope
441/1/1 The two practice skystone swords arrive in Mediobogdum
441/1/1 First Saxon revolt in British Isles c. 441/442
443/1/1 Camulod builds a school, and the monastics from Glastonbury Tor begin teaching the children in fall and winter seasons
444/1/1 The Children of Garn finish conquering Athol's kingdom; all of Athol's people now settled on the coastal islands of Caledonia
445/1/1 **Camulod reaches its prime, with a fighting force of 9000**
445/1/1 Emperor Valentinian III issues an edict affirming the supremacy of Rome
446/3/1 Merlyn abandons Mediobogdum, returning to Camulod
446/8/1 The Camulodians and the Pendragon defeat the forces of Ironhair and Carthac in Cambria; Huw Strongarm becomes the first War Chief of the Pendragon since Ullics
447/1/1 Second Verulamium Council condemning Pelagius' teachings
447/3/1 Vortigern slain by Horsa
447/6/1 Death of Tressa; Meryln becomes "The Sorcerer"
448/1/1 Death of St. Germanus in Ravenna
449/4/1 18 year-old Arthur crowned as the Riothamus, High Chief and Spiritual King of the Britons
455/1/1 Sack of Rome by Vandals
457/1/1 Death of Vortigern
470/1/1 Death of the Riothamus (Briton High King) in Gaul
470/1/1 Huns leave Europe
476/1/1 Roman Empire in the west falls as various "barbarian" kingdoms are established
480/1/1 In the 480's, the venerable Meryln Brittanicus begins writing the accounts described in "The Eagles' Brood", "The Saxon Shore", "The Fort at River's Bend", and "Sorcerer: Metamorphosis"
489/1/1 Death of Saint Patrick
529/1/1 Justinian closes Plato's Academy as pagan
530/1/1 The British monk Gildas writes "Concerning the Ruin of Britain", in which he describes Vortigern's pact with the Saxons, various Briton-Saxon battles, and Ambrosius Aurelianus
542/1/1 Traditional date of Arthur Pendragon's death (assigned by Geoffrey of Monmouth)
594/1/1 End of plague which began in 542 and "halved" the population of Europe!
663/1/1 Council of Whitby, Northumbiran King Oswy supports Roman church
732/1/1 Battle of Tours: Charles Martel defeated Saracen invadres, cheching the advance of Islam into Europe
742/4/2 Birth of Emperor Charlemagne (Latin: Carolus Magnus meaning Charles the Great) in Aix-la-Chapelle, now Aachen, Germany, king of the Franks 768AD - 814AD.
800/1/1 Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
810/1/1 The Welshman Nennius writes "History of the Britons", in which he describes Vortigern, Hengist & Horsa, Ambrosius, and King Arthur & his 12 battles
814/1/28 Death of Emperor Charlemagne (Latin: Carolus Magnus meaning Charles the Great) in Aix-la-Chapelle, now Aachen, Germany, king of the Franks 768AD - 814AD.
1136/1/1 Geoffrey of Monmouth finishes writing "History of the Kings of Britain", the first "complete" biography of King Arthur: Uther, Ygraine, Gorlois, Bedivere, Kay, Gawain, Gareth, Guinevere,
Mordred, Excalibur, Morgan le Fay, and Avalon are introduced.
1155/1/1 Wace completes "The Romance of Brutus". He introduces the Round Table into the Arthurian drama.
1180/1/1 Chretien de Troyes completes his 5-volume Arthurian saga, in which he introduces new characters, places, and themes: Perceval, Lancelot du Lac, Camelot, the Fisher King, the Grail, and the Bleeding Lance
1195/1/1 Robert de Boron completes his Arthurian trilogy. He introduces the legend of the Sword in the Stone.
1235/1/1 The anonymous 5-volume "Vulgate Cycle" is completed. Galahad is introduced into the Arthurian legend.
1977/1/1 Jack Whyte writes the first version of the "Skystone" poem
1992/1/1 First edition of Jack Whyte's novel "The Skystone" published in Canada
1999/3/17 Timeline launched on the web site
1999/10/20 Timeline editing tools completed
2000/7/29 Uther editing completed by Jack

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